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We have Breeder Bucks, Open Doe, Bread Doe and fawns.

If you are interested please call us and we will work with you

to help your facility grow to the next level.

Our Whitetail AI Program

 We artificially inseminated many select doe since we started our farm in 2007.

We have done this with some of the best deer in the Country to improve our heard genetics. We believe that every deer that is

born on our farm is better than the deer we have. It has been a practice to bottle feed all of our doe fawns to help make the heard calm

and more manageable. We are required to handle the doe multiple times during the year with the AI process, Inventory and

Medications when needed.


 We choose a couple of our best looking two year old bucks each year to back up our does from the AI program

to ensure each doe has fawns in the spring. This also keeps our genetics changing every year as we continually improve our genetics.


If you have any questions or just want to

talk deer feel free to give one of us a call.

Whitetail Deer Breeding

Tall Tine Whitetails is a family owned business located in Norwich NY approximately 180 miles North of NYC. Our Business started in 2007 from a love of pursuing the elusive whitetail deer. We have focused on a breeding program and hunting preserve which has utilized artificial insemination from some of the largest whitetail deer in the country which score 250–400 B&C. Our goal was to produce deer that were tall, wide and heavy with mostly typical frames scoring 200 B&C and above. We released our first deer into our preserve in the summer of 2011 with a goal of no more than 25 deer per 100 acres.


Tall Tine Whitetail Hunting Ranch

Whitetail Hunting and Deer Farm



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Norwich, NY 13815

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